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Where Got Food? is an insightful directory of eateries that provide islandwide home food delivery in Singapore. The two main features of our website are the listing and blog. Our listing consists of a wide range of eateries, from cafes to restaurants, groceries to pastries and bars to hawkers. The eateries are filtered under 26 categories, such as fast food, Halal-certified, Zi Char and Korean food. Our blog curates lists of eateries to inspire your next meal, depending on what mood or cuisine you’re feeling.

What online food delivery service is best?

There are many home food delivery services and platforms in Singapore, but here at Where Got Food we believe that it is always best to order directly from the eateries themselves. This is because unlike using major food delivery platforms, 100% of the money you pay will go directly to helping the eateries. The F&B industry has gone through a rough time because of COVID-19 and Singapore’s circuit breaker measures. Therefore, by ordering home food delivery directly from the eateries in Singapore, you are helping to ensure they get the profit they deserve.

Why did we create 

We first launched Where Got Food? during the COVID-19 outbreak and Singapore’s circuit breaker measures, where dining out was not an option and ordering from major home food delivery companies seemed to be the go-to. Knowing that these major home food delivery platforms take a large portion of eateries’ earnings, we wanted to do something to help. Thus, was set up with the vision of being a one-stop site for Singaporeans to easily find eateries providing islandwide home food delivery. Through this, we hoped to encourage Singaporeans to order home food delivery directly from eateries, to support them during those difficult times.

Today, we continue as a frequently updated directory listing. In addition, our team has come together to give more insight into these eateries through our blog posts. The economic effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are still evident today, which is why we encourage everyone to order directly from eateries as much as they can.

How can I improve my food business?

If your eatery delivers islandwide, you can click here to get listed on our directory. Doing so will increase your eatery’s exposure and gain you more potential customers. Keep up the hard work and stay safe!

Who are the people behind

Where Got Food is built by Oangle, a web design and development studio that was established in 2012. We work with both HTML and CMS platforms like WordPress, and also help businesses with digital marketing aspects like SEO, SEM and Social Media. On top of that, we also provide design services, ranging from EDMs to even Brand Identity.

Where can I order food delivery?

Our listing features a large variety of eateries providing islandwide delivery. Under each listing, there is an “Order Directly” button. Clicking on it will lead you to proceed with making an order via the eatery’s preferred method.

How do I report a food driver?

Where Got Food is merely a directory of eateries. We are not an ordering platform and are not responsible for any problems that may occur during the ordering or delivering process. If you have any issues with your order or feedback for the eateries, please contact them directly..

What does a delivery fee pay for?

Unlike major food delivery platforms, the fees stated on our directory are decided by the eateries themselves and will go straight to them and the delivery drivers they hire. It is better for eateries this way than to get their profit reduced by high commission rates that major food delivery platforms charge.

How can I give feedback about the website?

If you have any feedback, feel free to drop us a message at [email protected]!

Have A Question?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have — be it about islandwide delivery, or good food recommendations. Drop us a line today!